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Stisch feat. Wayne Hussey


Bei Stisch handelt es sich um das Projekt des schwedischen Musikers Tommy Spaanheden.
Er selber ordnet seine Musik unter der Rubrik House / Electronica / Breakbeat ein und er hat bereits einige Werke veröffentlicht. Wayne hat im letzten Jahr Texte und Gesang zum neuen Song Hit Repeat beigesteuert, der am 9. April 2008 als Single veröffentlicht wird.

Und so kam die Sache zustande, Zitat von Wayne:

I received a message from Tommy from Stisch via our Myspace page asking me if I'd be interested in singing on a track for him. I asked him to send me some stuff he'd already recorded, which he did and which I liked. We then agreed to meet in Gothenburg on the 'tour is a bullet' whereby Tommy gave me a CD of the track he'd been working on with view to my involvement. I immediately took it out to the tour bus and played it and instantly the title "Hit Repeat" came to me... Once the tour was finished and I was back at home in Brazil with some free time I then spent a couple of days writing the lyrics and singing the song and then sent the audio files back to Tommy. I just wanted to do something that was light and fun and not to be taken too seriously. Job done and fun to do."

Hit Repeat Cover

Hier auf Stisch`s MySpace Seite könnt ihr in drei Versionen des Songs reinhören...
Und HIER bei meinen YouTube Links gibt`s den kompletten Thomas Gold Remix zu hören.

Aber Achtung:
Hit Repeat is nothing less than an electro house killer track and undoubtedly the most straight forward pop tune Wayne Hussey ever has done! Enjoy!
In der Tat :-) Hört mal rein...

> Bestellt die CD-Single